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LEP Scholars develop projects over the course of their year-long participation in the program on a broad range of topics.

In 2018 an analysis of LEP projects by Drs. Jen Sandoval and Lindsay Neuberger revealed the following historical information about LEP projects since the program’s inception:

Project topics

  • Student Success: 14
  • Staff/Faculty Training and Development: 10
  • Descriptive/Background: 7
  • Diversity & Inclusion: 6
  • Wellness: 6
  • Financial/Budget: 4
  • Strategic Planning: 3
  • Other: 5 N/A: 6

UCF Leadership Institutes

  • 2018 – The Art and Science of Diversity
  • 2017 – One Community, Collective Impact
  • 2015 – Inspiring Leadership through Diversity: A Mosaic of Opportunities
  • 2014 – Leadership Legacy

LEP Project Samples

2018-19 Tiana Tucker

Mentoring by Design

Redesign an existing program model to incorporate a mentoring component that intentionally supports the retention and success of first-generation underrepresented students at UCF.

2017-18 Jen Sandoval and Lindsay Neuberger

A Powerful Leadership Legacy: Tracing the Impact of the UCF Leadership Empowerment Program

What have been the most meaningful aspects of the LEP and what projects have participants created?

2017-18 Margaret Mlachak

Quality of Life Opportunities: Providing a Pathway to Education

How can UCF be innovative in broadening the educational opportunities for advancement for those employees who wish to transform their lives but do not meet the criteria for the state Tuition Waiver Program?

2017-18 Anya Andrews

International Faculty as an Asset for Internationalization of an Academic Campus: Strategies for Integration and Inclusion

Explore the challenges and enablers for the integration and inclusion of international faculty; Develop practical recommendations for integration and inclusion of international faculty; Identify opportunities and strategies for leveraging international faculty as an asset in campus internationalization efforts.

2017-18 Veena Garib

Integrating Technology into Student Career Readiness

Implement new technology to support virtual interviewing for UCF Career Services.

2017-18 Deborah Watkins

Creating Access for Native American Students at UCF

Among all student demographics, Native American students remain the lowest in enrollment numbers. With no Tribal Colleges and Universities (TBCU)s in the state of Florida, UCF can take necessary steps to increase enrollment of Native American students; specifically students who identity as Seminole or Miccosukee Indian.