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 About the ENFERMERIA Initiative:

The ENFERMERIA (Educating Nurses for Engagement, Research, Mentoring Excellence & Reinforcing Interpretation Access) initiative is funded by an HSI Title V grant by the U.S. Department of Education. The two overarching goals of the ENFERMERIA initiative are:

  1. Increase Hispanic/Latino representation in UCF nursing graduate programs;
  2. Equip UCF nursing graduate students of all backgrounds to provide culturally congruent care to Hispanic/Latino communities.

About the Hispanic Serving Healthcare Professionals Graduate Certificate:

The Hispanic Serving Healthcare Professionals certificate explores the healthcare needs of, and barriers to, the Hispanic community. It will prepare interdisciplinary learners to recognize the community’s unique needs in professional allied health practices, influence change in both practice and policy to eliminate disparities and improve patient outcomes and provide culturally congruent care through linguistically and culturally supportive resources. Qualified completing students may seek national medical translator certification.

 About the ENFERMERIA Travel Award:

The ENFERMERIA Travel Award supports travel expenses for students enrolled in the Hispanic Serving Healthcare Professionals Graduate Certificate Program. This travel award program is designed to both enhance professional development opportunities for students and to further promote UCF’s Title V ENFERMERIA initiative. ENFERMERIA Travel Awards are for domestic travel to the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Annual Conference in alignment with UCF’s Title V ENFERMERIA goals and objectives. Travel expenses covered include conference registration, airfare, and conference hotel.

ENFERMERIA Travel Award Eligibility

The following minimum requirements must be met to qualify for an ENFERMERIA Travel Award:

  • The applicant must be enrolled in UCF’s Hispanic Serving Healthcare Professionals Graduate Certificate Program at the time of the award;
  • Event dates should occur after the deadline of the application submission.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be considered in accordance with the following:

  • Good standing in UCF’s Hispanic Serving Healthcare Professionals Graduate Certificate Program
  • Amount of funds available
  • Number of students applying

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit a complete ENFERMERIA Travel Award Application, including a presentation abstract and document confirmation of presentation (if presenting). Document confirmation may include a letter, email, or PDF of program page, with the applicant’s name clearly listed as a presenter.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

ENFERMERIA Travel Award Application

Max. file size: 15 MB.
I understand that if selected for an ENFERMERIA Travel Award, covered expenses will include up to $615 for a full conference pass (registration), up to $300 in airfare, and up to 4 nights at the conference hotel rate. There will be no other reimbursements for any other travel expenses. All travel arrangements and payments will be handled directly the ENFERMERIA Project Manager.
If selected for a travel award, and presenting at the NAHN Annual Conference, I agree to acknowledge UCF’s Title V ENFERMERIA grant verbally and digitally as my travel sponsor during my presentation and in all my presentation materials. Printed materials should include the standard grant disclaimer: The contents of this presentation were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. #P031M220052.
If selected for a travel award, I agree to acknowledge UCF’s Title V ENFERMERIA grant as my travel sponsor in all social media posts, across all social media platforms. This includes tagging UCF Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives and UCF College of Nursing. The use of hashtags are also encouraged: #HSI #TitleV #ENFERMERIA #Serving.
If selected for a travel award, I agree to submit a 1-page reflection and a photo of my attendance to the conference for Title V grant reporting and outreach materials for the ENFERMERIA Scholars Program. The 1-page reflection and photo should be emailed to by August 9, 2024
I understand that failure to abide by these terms may result in my being invoiced for covered travel expenses.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



Please direct all questions to:

Hipatia Verónica Donoso

Project Manager, ENFERMERIA

Office for HSI Initiatives

University of Central Florida

Office: 407-823-1593