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The purpose of Project POTENCIAL (Promoting Opportunities that Enhance Navigation, Completion, Inclusion, and Learning) is to expand and enhance institutional capacity to increase timely graduation rates for Hispanic/Latino/a/x and low-income students, thus driving their social mobility. This project is funded through the Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Program (Title V, Part A), administered by the U.S. Department of Education.


Title V Part A – POTENCIAL

Through intentional practices and strategic partnerships, we will collectively align efforts with Priority 1 of our newly developed 2022-2027 strategic plan: “Student Success and Well-Being,” and two related key goals:

  • Accelerate undergraduate progression and graduation; reduce interferences that cause hardship or delay.

  • Enrich the student learning experience for the development of career and cultural competencies.

Project Objectives

By 2027, UCF will…

  1. Increase participation of Hispanic transfer and low-income students in internships and undergraduate research by 5%.

  2. Increase the number of Hispanic low-income FTIC and transfer students graduating in 4 years and 2 years respectively by 5%.

  3. Increase the percentage of Hispanic students expressing a “great sense of belonging” at UCF by 15%.

  4. Increase the number of faculty participating in professional development by 525%.

Project Activities

  1. High-Impact Practice Scholars Program
  2. High-Impact Practice Course Designations
  3. Conexiones Student Success Coaching
  4. Conexiones PeerKnights Coaching
  5. Office for Latino Student Success
  6. HSI Faculty Fellows Cohort Program
  7. HSI Track @ Summer Faculty Development Institute
  8. Ginsburg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement

Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrea Guzmán, VP for Access and Community Engagement

Project Director

Dr. Cyndia Morales Muñiz, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives

Project Manager

Dr. Jennifer Keefe

Project Management Team

  • Lisa Cruz, Student Success and Well-Being
  • Josefina Rosario, Ginsburg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement
  • Dr. Kimberly Schneider, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Innovation and   Engagement
  • Dr. Kirby Whittington, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning