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Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion works to foster an institutional culture of inclusive excellence so that every student, faculty, staff, and community member who engages with UCF feels welcomed, respected, and supported.

Dr. Andrea Guzman

Dr. Andrea Guzman

Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Meet the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


In July 2021, UCF hired Dr. Andrea Guzman as the first-ever Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Dr. Guzman will lead the development of a comprehensive strategy that champions evidence-based practices in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the context of a dynamic, multi-campus university. She will also lead the Ginsberg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement Office. 

Get to Know Dr. Andrea Guzman


Dr. Guzman’s Portfolio: 

The Ginsburg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement

The Ginsburg Center for Inclusion and Community Engagement seeks to drive transformational change and develop compassionate leaders and responsible global citizens.  The center aims to promote critical thinking; innovation in teaching and learning; and an awareness and appreciation of varied viewpoints and lived experiences.  This is accomplished through multiple projects and initiatives: 



Office of Diversity Education and Training

Our Office of Diversity Education and Training provides workshops, symposiums and certificate programs to faculty, staff, students and community and industry partners aimed at developing competencies needed to thrive in a competitive, diverse, and interconnected workforce and society.


Office of Civil Discourse and Engagement

Our Office of Civil Discourse and Engagement combines and expands existing efforts and expertise on how to engage in constructive conversations, with educational programs to increase awareness, enhance knowledge and understanding, and offer alternative or varied solutions to important social problems.


Multicultural Student Center (MSC)

The MSC’s mission is to create a more inclusive and equitable campus environment that enriches the university experience through actively supporting diverse and intentional programming.To learn more about our Multicultural Student Center click here.

Granting Our Students Access

The Cultural Center and Academic Excellence will holistically support new and existing pre-collegiate programs, federally funded grant programs and student access to an integrated university wide college experience.





ACE Women’s Network

The ACE (American Council on Education) Women’s Network is a national system of networks within each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia with the goal of advancing and supporting women in higher education. The ACE Women’s Network facilitates the networking of women interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in higher education.  Each state network is led by a State Chair who works with Institutional Representatives and at least one Presidential Sponsor to develop programs that Identify, Develop, Encourage, Advance, Link, and Support (IDEALS) women in higher education careers within that state. 

UCF President Alexander Cartwright serves as one of the State of FL Presidential Sponsors.  UCF’s Dr. Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres serves on the National ACE Women’s Network Executive Council.  The State Chair for FL is UCF’s Dr. Lisa Jones.  Chantel Carter serves as the Institutional Representative (IR) for the UCF Chapter.  There are over 40 chapters throughout the State of FL at both Public and Private Institutions at various Universities, Colleges, State Colleges/Community Colleges.  

The UCF Chapter aims at creating a strong network for UCF women by providing programs (workshops/trainings/resources, etc.) that are coordinated by the UCF IR and Chapter Steering Committee during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as providing access to State sponsored programs such as the monthly Coffee & Conversations series.   Membership in the UCF Chapter of ACE Women’s network is extended to all non-student employees who identify as female.  The UCF ACE Women’s Network Listserv is comprised of these female employees and this Listserv is used to communicate out about ACE Women’s Network events, programs, and services.  For more information on the ACE Women’s Network, please reach out to UCF Chapter representative, Chantel Carter at

ACE Women’s Network

ACE Women’s Network State Networks Directory


What is Inclusive Excellence?
Inclusive Excellence = Organizational Excellence

Inclusive Excellence is a framework that integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very core of the institution in order to achieve organizational excellence. There are five dimensions to the framework that help guide decision making across the university.

Access + Success

Internal processes such as recruitment, admissions, tenure, career advancement and graduation.  Guiding questions include:  How do we recruit and retain talented faculty, staff, and students? How do we develop faculty and staff for students with different learning styles? How do we develop students for a global economy?

Climate + Intergroup Relations

Developing living, learning, and working environments where individuals feel welcomed, included, respected, and supported.  Guiding questions include: How are we perceived? How do we develop affirming environments where all individuals feel a sense of belonging? How do we measure it?

Education + Scholarship

The ways in which curricula, pedagogy, research, scholarship, and professional and student development contribute to innovation, community engagement, service, and advocacy. Guiding questions include:  How do we foster innovation and creativity? Who participates in research? How do we disseminate knowledge?

Infrastructure + Investment

Aligns resources, organizational structures, policies, practices, and performance measures to inform and foster an intentionally inclusive and innovative organization. Guiding questions include:  How are we organized? What do we invest in? How do we do business? How do we hold ourselves accountable?

Community + Partnership

Refers to how UCF engages collaboratively and reciprocally with our local communities and across the state. Guiding questions include:  What impact do we have in the community and on the workforce? How do we engage with industry partners? How do our partnerships contribute to our success and vice versa?


Awards and Designations


Seal of Excelencia

UCF was among ten higher education institutions nationwide selected in 2021 for Seal of Excelencia certification.

2022 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award

The HEED Award recognizes colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Military Friendly Silver Award

UCF earned the Silver Award in recognition for our ability to help veterans succeed in the classroom and the real world. 

NASPA First Forward


LGBTQ-Friendly Campus